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People and competitor research for more efficient and cost-effective recruitment

As an HR, Talent or Recruitment Director, three of your most pressing challenges are:

How to directly source potential talent for hard-to-fill UK and international positions;


How to engage with talent faster than your competitors so you are not at a disadvantage;


How to speed and cut the cost of the recruitment process.

Unfortunately, identifying and vetting prospective applicants in-house takes too long. Especially if your ATS’s doesn’t deliver what the business needs or lacks diversity. While using external recruitment agencies is can be cripplingly expensive.

ATGlobe Research offers
an alternative

We can take on your people and competitor research and radically improve your entire recruitment approach, providing you with profiles of high-potential individuals, each tightly matched to your current and upcoming hire needs. Since our exclusive focus will be on performing this one time-consuming task as fast and effectively as possible, your team will be able to concentrate on more strategic matters and you will have your new hires in place much sooner. You will also be able to dramatically cut your recruitment costs, thanks to our highly competitive fee structure.

We leverage your recruitment power

Because of the range of the talent mapping services we offer, ATGlobe Research has quickly become the first choice provider to an increasing number of companies and organisations looking for a more cost-effective way to source their permanent hires, while still using advertising and traditional agencies to find their temporary and contingency staff.

no risk
Arrange your no-risk trial of our services and discover how our 21st Century approach can make recruiting for hard-to-fill roles faster and easier.

What we offer

A complete mapping of the entire market of high-potential profile fits …

… that enables your in-house recruiters to be more successful at filling time-consuming, hard-to-fill roles …

… and so significantly improve recruitment efficiency throughout your organisation.

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Non-Exec Advisory Board

Customer Reviews

In an extremely competitive market, we’ve been finding it increasingly difficult (and costly) to source high potential profile fits for qualified hires and hard-to-fill roles. In just four weeks, Kay and her team have been able not just to source the talent we needed, but also cut our cost per hire by up to 75%. That’s greatly reduced what we pay out in agency fees as well as improving our recruitment efficiency. We are already looking to work with Kay on the long term talent pipeline, which I'm genuinely excited about.
Barbara Findlay
HR Director Mack Ltd

ATGlobe Research have become indispensable in helping me and my team access the right candidates for some challenging positions we have got to fill and supported me in developing an effect workforce plan that I know we can delivery on in the next 18 months. Where we no longer have to pay agency fees and already saving up to 30% in fees of first year salaries.

Manish Patel
Global Talent Director Reckitt Benckiser
AT Globe Research have become indispensable in helping me and my team access the right candidates for some challenging positions we have to fill, and supported me in developing an effective workforce plan that I know we can deliver on in the next 18 months. We’re no longer paying agency fees and are already saving up to 30% of first year salaries in fees.
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