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About ATGlobe Research

As a virtual market research company, ATGlobe Research provides companies and organisations with a continuous stream of high-quality information about potential candidates for hard-to-fill posts.

Staffed by ex-agency recruiters, ATGlobe Research was founded by the company’s CEO, Kay Chouhan, an expert in recruitment research and a board member of London HR Connection, a unique forum for HR professionals.


“When I began working in talent acquisition over a decade ago, online job boards didn’t exist, so when you wanted to recruit, job agencies and newspapers were the main routes to market. Since then, however, I’ve come to see how technology could revolutionise the recruitment process, particularly when it comes to researching qualified candidates. I set up ATGlobe Research as a way for HR teams to remain at the heart of the recruitment process while enabling them to concentrate on what they do best – strategically managing people – rather than being overly involved in time-consuming research into potential candidates. By doing this on their behalf, I believe that ATGR will help companies make better, data-driven recruitment decisions.”

On the company’s advisory board is Mike Ellwood, Managing Director, Corporate Banking, Santander UK plc.


“Having been in corporate banking for over 30 years, I know the importance of having a good team around you. It’s something that I’ve always put at the top my agenda, and it’s one of the main reasons why during my six years as MD of Santander’s Corporate and Commercial Banking we’ve been able to build from the ground up a business with revenues of almost £600m and a balance sheet of £25bn. By coming onto the advisory board of ATGR, I saw an opportunity for me to help recruiters make better use of the resources available to them in a new and innovative way.”

Interim HR Director and Chairman of London HR Connection, Craig McCoy, is also on ATGR’s advisory board. He has 20 years’ experience working with major organisations in over 40 countries, including Sky, BUPA, The Crown Estate and Accenture.


“Whatever sector you’re in – media and entertainment, technology, telecoms, information services, real estate, healthcare, education, professional services, insurance or management consultancy – you’re faced with the perennial challenge of how best to recruit for hard-to-fill roles. With growing time and cost pressures on HR and talent management, this is a challenge that ATGlobe Research can help to solve. As part of the company’s advisory board, given my client-side experience, I believe I can help ensure that our services continue to meet the needs of those at the sharp end of recruitment.”

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