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FMCG firm radically alters the way it recruits

FMCG firm radically alters the way it recruits by using ATGlobe Research

With its own recruiters having to handle as many as 20 positions at a time, FMCG firm Reckitt Benckiser was dependent on agencies to find suitable staff for a mix of hard-to-fill UK and international roles.

This was not only costly, but also time-consuming, as multiple agencies had to be briefed about roles that could range from unqualified posts through to £150,000 general managers roles. Looking for a time and cost-saving alternative to the high-fee agencies they traditionally used, the company turned to us.

Access the right candidates for challenging positions

Thanks to our intensive candidate search process, which includes access to many more job boards than Reckitt Benckiser were using, in just a few hours the company’s recruiters had a bank of high-quality candidates that matched their brief. That meant they were able to begin engaging with better-qualified candidates straight away, without wasting time and effort on initial candidate research or laborious data-sifting, which had taken up to two-thirds of recruiters’ time previously.

No more agency fees

Not only were recruiters able to engage with suitable talent much sooner, but they were also able to leverage the efficiency and effectiveness of their in-house HR and recruitment systems, which very quickly led to cost-savings.

Now, cost to hire for hard-to-fill roles has dropped dramatically, from around £10,000 previously paid out in agency fees to just £500 per position.

A radically new recruitment approach

By using ATGlobe Research, the company has been able to radically alter the way it recruits, with Manish Patel, Global Talent Director, describing what we do as: “… indispensable in helping me and my team access the right candidates for some challenging positions, as well as supporting me in developing an effective workforce plan where we no longer have to pay agency fees.”

Longer-term benefits

Reckitt Benckiser has already avoided fees of up to 30% of first year salaries, with £15,000 of savings in the first four weeks alone! Longer-term, the potential to refocus time and energy from low-value recruitment tasks to much higher-value strategic activities, like on-boarding new hires, means that the benefits of our service packages will be even greater.

Rail firm enjoys immediate cut in recruitment costs

Rail firm enjoys immediate cut in recruitment costs

After a huge merger, Govia Thameslink was faced with having to quickly restructure its workforce. However, with a large number of applicants coming forward per role, sourcing potential candidates wasn’t the issue, but identifying the most suitable ones from so many, was.

This left the recruitment team having to spend a considerable amount of time on data processing and sifting through candidate information. Not only was this having a significant impact on recruitment costs, but perhaps more importantly, it was slowing down the whole recruitment process.

Candidates no longer lost to competitors

As a result, good candidates who were registered with several recruitment agencies were being interviewed and snapped up by competitors. And each time that a suitably qualified candidate dropped out of the process, the hiring cycle had to begin again. Consequently, positions were left open much longer than they should, and recruitment costs escalated as agencies were brought in to provide additional support.

It was at that stage that Govia Thameslink engaged us on a 30-day paid trial, to help them shorten their recruitment process and cut costs by creating for them a continuous mapping process that would not only identify talent looking for a new role, but also others who might not be actively considering a move.

Pipeline of future talent created

By taking on initial candidate research and data sifting in both these talent pools, we not only helped them to fill current open posts far more effectively, but also created a pipeline of talent to fill other positions longer-term in many different business areas, such as Finance, Research and Operations.

New-found edge in competitive market

This new strategic recruitment approach quickly began to give Govia Thameslink an edge in a competitive market. After just two weeks, the company’s recruiters were already seeing the impact of having our experienced research team on board.

With the whole internal HR and recruitment system becoming much more efficient, shortlisting and interviewing becoming much faster, and agency fees no longer having to be paid simply for sifting and sorting profiles, cost savings were in excess of £10,000 in the first month alone.

Greater focus on strategic tasks

Without the need to waste effort on time-consuming admin tasks, the onsite recruitment team are now able to focus their time and energy on profitable high-value strategic activities, with more time spent managing candidates and on-boarding new hires.

Stakeholder relationships within the company have also deepened, with the recruiter becoming a trusted advisor to senior managers.

Major long-term cost savings

With our research model now tried, tested and proven, we are looking at a long-term working partnership in which Govia Thameslink are expected to save a minimum of £100,000 this year alone in recruitment costs, money they can reassign to their L&D department to help maintain retention and engagement across their business.

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