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April 2018 A live example of a business turnaround in an rapidly changing & extreme environment.

DISCUSSION LED BY: Chris Yates, CEO Office OutletAGENDA: Shared lessons in managing change and ambiguity.We’ve all seen the headlines - doom and gloom in the high street - big names going to the wall - think Toys R Us, BHS and significant closures at familiar names such as New Look. Retail is not in great shape... retail expert Richard Hyman says that the number of shops across the UK is expected to fall by 22% in 2018. Last year 42 retailers ...

May 28, 2018
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March 2018 Board & Exec Team Effectiveness: What does an effective board look like ?

As you know having the right senior teams in place, working together effectively, can make or break an organisation... We all know about the high profile problems which can arise..... think of RBS, Co-Operative Bank, Carillion....Successful businesses are built in many respects upon the strength of their Boards and Executive Teams. But how do we really know whether we have the right people on our senior teams, and whether or not the team members are ...

April 16, 2018
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February 2018 Virtual Reality Leadership & Development Workplace, New World.

Virtual reality technology is starting to become within reach for millions of consumers around the world, and only a handful of companies will lead the charge as early adopters of this technology in 2018.Right now, most VR development is taking place within the walls of the biggest tech companies in the world. Recently, Facebook and Apple reportedly allocated more than 1000 workers each to developing these platforms. One of the powerful uses of VR lies in ...

March 4, 2018
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January 2018 exec summary notes: Government Levy Reform (which came into effect 6 April 2017)

The introduction of the apprenticeship levy (April 2017) generated much confusion and is widely viewed as just a government stealth tax.   Many employers still seem to have no idea how to get their money back from HMRC and a significant proportion of the levy is not being reclaimed.    It’s also seen by and large as an operational training programme, rather than an opportunity to make a strategic investment in people development.   However, if this is ...

February 6, 2018
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November 2017 exec summary notes: Employer Branding – going beyond the hype & turning your business into a talent magnet.

Agenda; Employer Branding - going beyond the hype and turning your business into a talent magnet. Does the reality of working for you live up to the marketing hype ? What really differentiates you from your competitors ? Do you communicate a clear message about why people should join and stay with your organisation ? In this session both Annabel Sweet & Kay Chouhan shared their own experiences of developing a powerful EVP and making sure that it ...

December 10, 2017
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