What do you do as a company?

We carry out people and competitor research for companies looking to identify potential candidates for permanent salaried positions that are traditionally time-consuming to fill, such as international assignments. Our Fast Track/Express Service is ideal for permanent positions with salaries of up to £70k, while our Accelerator/Advantage and Premium Services are best for higher salaried positions.

Are you a recruitment agency?

No. We complement what recruitment agencies do, so it may still be appropriate to use them to fill temporary or contingency roles.

Who do you work with?

A portfolio of high profile brands already depend on our expertise. So you can be certain you’re in good hands and you’ll be surprised at the savings you make in administrative and handling costs, while getting top-quality results. Take a look at some case histories.

How do you reduce the cost of recruitment?

By removing the time-consuming and expensive research that would either have to be done in-house, or passed onto high-cost recruitment agencies, who often apply a significant surcharge to finding candidates for hard-to-fill roles. You will also greatly reduce and even eliminate advertising costs from your budgets, as well as remove the ‘hidden cost’ of processing the majority of candidates who aren’t suitable.

How much can you save us?

This is just one example. Assume you are hiring for a £60k role at an average PSL agency fee of 15% of basic salary. The cost of a successful hire will be £9,000. If you need to do this once a month because of churn or growth, that’s £108,000 in fees being paid annually for just one role … In most cases, costs will be even higher when other factors, such as spend on recruitment media and the opportunity cost of having an open position, are taken into account.

What is the process for reviewing candidate details?

We will upload the details of each candidate profile into an online drop-box for you to review. So that we can deliver the best possible service, we then ask that you feedback to us on submitted profiles within 24 hours. This enables us to maintain the momentum of a search, and to continually refine it. If no response is received within that time the search will be automatically put on hold.

How often can you provide us with candidate details?

We will feed through candidate details as agreed with you, which can be daily if you require a continuous feed of pre-qualified talent to fill a high volume of open positions or need to hire for a hard-to-fill role as quickly as possible.

Do you use robots to scrape candidate data?

No, all our searches are manually carried out by humans, which means we can handpick candidate profiles that are best matched to your brief.

Who is involved with ATGlobe Research?

ATGR is staffed by a team of ex-agency recruiters with a wealth of experience in the recruitment agency field. They have the knowledge, resourcefulness and understanding to take on the task of providing best-fit candidate profiles for even the hardest-to-fill roles.

Won’t your services clash with what our in-house team already does?

No. Our aim is to complement what they do so your team can focus on high-value strategic activity, while we get on with the low-value legwork of identifying and qualifying prospective candidates, which can consume up to two-thirds of a recruiter’s time.

Which package is right for us?

Our aim is to guarantee you a shortlist of suitably qualified candidates in a way that’s efficient, cost-effective and timely. All you need do is choose the service package that suits your particular recruitment needs and we can begin working with you straightaway on providing you with a continuous feed of the most suitably qualified candidates. Whichever service you chose, the data you receive will be sorted, sifted, assessed and validated to ensure candidates are most closely matched to your current and future hiring needs.

Can you help us build future talent pipelines?

Yes. One of the main benefits of using us is that we’re able to provide you with details not just of candidates who might be currently available, but also those who may (and will) become available in the future, ensuring that you have a talent pipeline in place to achieve your longer-term recruitment strategy.

Do you supply management reports?

Yes. Our comprehensive weekly management reports include details of the number of searches conducted, the quality of profiles, the time spent searching per role, and shortlist counts. These, along with dashboard analytics that enable you to monitor the entire recruitment life-cycle process against your significant KPIs, means you can confidently provide a detailed and up-to-date recruitment picture to your leadership team.

What is your fee structure?

You will only ever pay a flat-fee per role, based on the service package you have chosen, irrespective of whether you hire one or all of the qualified candidates we put forward. This means that as well as streamlining your recruitment process, you will also be removing uncertainty over costs.

Are all costs included within your fees?

Yes. For instance, you can be sure that you won’t be charged additionally for such things as the cost of licenses for using job boards.

We already use job boards to find suitable candidates, so what do you do that’s different?

As you know, having to interrogate job boards is a cumbersome and long-winded process, so why do it at all when we can do it for you, highly cost-effectively? What’s more, because it’s our speciality, rather just covering just one or two as you probably do, given your time constraints, we are able to harvest many more, so that your candidate search is much more extensive.

Is there a way to try out your services in the first instance?

Yes. We understand that our approach is a little different, which is why we are more than happy to organise a small, structured and accountable trial, during which you can discover the benefits of our services for yourself. Alternatively, you could test our services across a department for say six to eight weeks, after which your team can review and evaluate our service performance. If this is something you would be interested in, then please call us on 0207 078 4165 or email.