Research Process page

Our research process is specifically designed to meet the needs of HR and Talent Directors looking for a better, faster way to recruit for time-consuming permanent positions. It is based not just on the experience of our team, but also input from our surveys of HR professionals throughout the UK.

  • Your project manager completes an online brief detailing the position and preferred candidate profile, then submits this to us.
  • Our researchers immediately begin their search based on your specification, seeking clarification if any detail is unclear – no bot-based data harvesting involved!
  • Wide search sweeps of multiple job-boards, targeted searches of specific companies, analysis of compensation rates and benefits, as well telephone screening, will be carried out as specified in the service package you have chosen.
  • Best fit profiles are then fed through to you 10 at a time.
  • Your project manager checks, assesses and scores the profiles received and feeds back to us within 24 hours on their quality and closeness of match. This enables us to refine future searches and so provide you with ever better candidate profiles. As a result, our clients on average want to engage with 90% of the profiles we present.
  • The above is repeated as necessary.
  • We store all candidate profiles for future reference and review. We can periodically check and refresh the data contained within these so they remain current and up-to-date.
  • By using us to carry out their candidate research, our clients have been able to considerably reduce their dependency on traditional recruitment agencies and their costs, with one of our FMCG clients saving £15,000 in agency fees within the first four weeks of working with us!

Data you can act on

We offer a flexible, tailored recruitment solution that guarantees a continuous flow of candidate profiles closely matched to your current and future hiring needs.

To do this as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we have made management reporting an integral component of the process.

So, once we begin researching on your behalf, you will receive a range of weekly/daily metrics that enable you to track progress, and help us to consistently improve the quality of our searches.

The essential metrics you need

To allow you to monitor the recruitment life-cycle against significant KPIs, these metrics include:

  • The number of days spent searching for positions in any one week – giving you an objective measure of our search effort
  • A rolling total of the number search days currently spent on each role
  • Your projected savings by not having to pay standard recruitment agency fees
  • The current status of each role, along with the current evaluation of candidates

Evidence your success to others

You also have the opportunity to score shortlisted clients and to give us feedback on their suitability, which creates a mechanism not just for improving the efficiency of our search process, but for giving you the evidence you need in order to have more effective and meaningful conversations with hiring managers. Along with all candidate details, you can access these dashboard analytics through your own personal ‘dropbox’.

No-risk 30-day trial

If you want to achieve similar savings, call one of our team on 0207 078 4164 or for an exploratory discussion and to arrange your no-risk trial.