A flexible, tailored recruitment solution

By offering a range of services tailored to your specific recruitment needs, our aim is to guarantee you an ever-more refined shortlist of profiles, tightly matched to your needs, in a process that’s cost-effective, efficient and timely.

All you have to do is choose the service that best fits your company’s short- and long-term recruitment needs:


For salaries up to £70k

Accesses all leading UK job boards

Fast Track/Express – Maps the market through a comprehensive search of the widest range of online job boards. We then provide you with 10 profiles at a time, sifted and assessed to ensure candidates are accurately matched to your current and future hiring requirements. After sending through each batch of profiles, we refine the search based on your feedback. Fast Track is at the core of what we do and removes the costly burden of tedious, time-consuming, low-value research from your in-house team. Perfect for permanent positions with salaries of up to £70k.


For salaries upwards of £70k

Time consuming, hard-to-fill & international assignments

Accelerator/ Advantage – Adds targeted searches of specific companies and organisations, filtered by name, industry, size, skills, role or location to your specific brief. This enables you to include in your search those not yet actively on the jobs market, but who can become part of your future talent pipeline. The best option for permanent positions with salaries over £70k.


Includes benchmarking and telephone research

Premium – Our most comprehensive and proactive research service, offering you additional insight through phone conversations with prospective candidates. This enables you to identify the very best talent and assess their degree of interest in a position, backed up by detailed, high-quality research reports at a fraction of the time and cost compared with doing so in-house.

Data cleanse

Refreshes existing Internal Applicant Tracking Systems. Updates profiles previously sent

DataClean – Refreshes existing data in your internal applicant tracking system, or can be used to update candidate profiles we have previously supplied to you. DataClean ensures that you are working with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

Evidence your success

Whichever service you use, once collected and assessed for suitability, all candidate profiles will be uploaded to your online ‘drop-box’, where you can access them immediately.

We can also provide weekly management reports that include details of the number of searches conducted, the quality of profiles, the time spent searching per role and shortlist counts, for greater insight into your recruitment process.

With dashboard analytics allowing you to monitor the whole recruitment life-cycle against significant KPIs, as well as create management reports, you also have the means to provide your leadership team with a complete up-to-the-minute ‘hiring picture’.

One flat-fee per role

Irrespective of whether you hire just one or all the candidates we put forward for a position, you will only ever pay a flat-fee based on the service package you have chosen. This allows you to build your new team quickly and efficiently, while removing uncertainty over costs.

Discover why others are choosing ATGR

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