April 2017 Exec summary notes – How can HR make a real commercial impact?

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We would all agree that HR leaders and teams, to be truly effective, need to have a strong commercial role within organisations. It’s not good enough anymore just to be HR technical experts, welfare providers or custodians of policies.

Yet I’m sure we can all think of cases where HR just haven’t been able to rise to the challenge; maybe because they don’t really understand the business, or perhaps the HR people themselves don’t have the right capabilities… or maybe for other reasons.

We examined this through two main lenses:

1. How HR can influence the business in ways which go beyond the stereotypical boundaries of the HR function and help shape and support the commercial strategy

2 How HR can reshape itself in terms of roles, people, processes and systems to become a valued contributor to the commercial agenda

Case Study Contributors

We heard from two experienced senior HR leaders, Mike O’Dell (Chief people officer at Worldremit) and Harvey Francis (Executive VP of HR & Communications at Skansa), how they have both tackled the issue of increasing the commercial impact of HR teams.

Mike and Harvey will draw upon their wide experience across a range of contexts and different sectors to facilitate a discussion which will enable us all to share our learnings on these important topics.

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