A live example of a business turnaround in a rapidly changing & extreme environment.

DISCUSSION LED BY: Chris Yates, CEO Office Outlet

AGENDA: Shared lessons in managing change and ambiguity.

We’ve all seen the headlines – doom and gloom in the high street – big names going to the wall – think Toys R Us, BHS and significant closures at familiar names such as New Look.

Retail is not in great shape… it is predicted that over 160 medium or large retailers will fall into administration this year.

At the same time, digital is becoming omnipresent. Will our whole lives be transacted via Amazon in the future?

So how do more traditional retail businesses have any hope of survival? Or are they just doomed to follow the likes of Blockbuster and Kodak…

Our case study contributor will led a discussion on why all is not lost !

Chris Yates is the CEO of Office Outlet, a major retailer in office supplies, technology and copy and print services.

Many of us may be more familiar with its former brand name of Staples, an American business which was sold to Hilco, the private equity firm, who established Office Outlet as the UK brand.

Chris has led the business turnaround of Office Outlet which was a loss making catalogue based retailer with no digital or online buying or fulfilment channels.

His story is one of leadership of an ailing business through a process of fundamental change – with a new board and senior exec team.

Prior to Office Outlet, Chris has had a highly successful career as CEO of a number of retail businesses, including Moda in Pelle, Mamas & Papas, and Kiddicare.

During the Boardroom he will share his experience and challenges across several of these businesses, with other board level executives.

The lessons learned regarding business change, leadership and digital will be of interest to all business sectors, whether or not you are currently working within the Retail sector.

As always, our boardrooms are about the self-immersed experience not just the theory!

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