Virtual Reality Leadership & Development Workplace, New World.

Virtual reality technology is starting to become within reach for millions of consumers around the world, and only a handful of companies will lead the charge as early adopters of virtual technology.

Right now, most VR development is taking place within the walls of the biggest tech companies in the world. Recently, Facebook and Apple reportedly allocated more than 1000 workers each to developing these platforms.

One of the powerful uses of VR lies in its ability to develop athletes, performers and now business leadership skills;

1 VR and gamification can change leadership behaviour and culture

2 Utilising biometric data, VR platforms achieve real positive change in leadership capability, resulting in greater commercial success

3 VR provides leaders with a safe learning environment to fail without feeling exposed

Exploring how companies like EY have piloted holistic leadership initiatives based on objective data and established a mindset to move away from more traditional frameworks such as simplistic colour codes, to instead use real quantifiable ‘data points’ to initiate behavioural change within leaders.

A discussion about Data driven leadership development tools; the opportunities and limitations that biometric data can interpret in the field of leadership and team development.

As virtual reality provides us with a new immersive experience, going far beyond ‘cramming conference and class-room style’ experiences and the flat self-paced learning videos and eLearning.

Case study contributor:

Dr. Tobias Kiefer has been helping the highest performing leaders, entrepreneurs, teams and organizations to become more profitable. His deep experience of people development at all organisational levels is highly respected; and his ability to constantly challenge the way we develop talent has produced impressive results.

Prior to EY, Tobias has held senior learning and development focused leadership roles at blue chip organisations including PWC/Booz Allen. He is also a Guest Lecturer on the Executive MBA programme at the University of Munich and the co-founder of a global leadership incubator.

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