Government Levy Reform – the legal & practical aspects

The introduction of the apprenticeship levy (April 2017) generated much confusion and is widely viewed as just a government stealth tax.

Many employers still seem to have no idea how to get their money back from HMRC and a significant proportion of the levy is not being reclaimed.

It’s also seen by and large as an operational training programme, rather than an opportunity to make a strategic investment in people development.

However, if this is equally true of your own organisation, your worries may be over – full details below.

Our Lead Case Study Contributor

Karen Morris-Lanz who has significant experience of designing and implementing levy compliant programmes to generate strategic advantage.

Karen will share with us her experience at Securitas, the global security services business employing over 330,000 people worldwide.

As HR Director and Chief Information Officer for Securitas UK, Karen ensured that Securitas was ready to launch from day 1 of the levy coming into effect; the programmes she set up provided training for over 9,000 employees.

Not only did she recover all of the compulsory levy monies for Securitas, she also made the initiatives profitable by taking full advantage of the additional government funding available.

Hear how Karen went about achieving this for Securitas and explore whether or not you could use the levy as an opportunity to invest in people development as a winning strategy for your own organisation.

As part of the highly interactive session, Karen will share with us her experiences both at the strategic and highly practical level. Creating a genuine and productive learning environment.

In addition to Karen, Eversheds provided us with some of the legal and practical aspects on how the levy is been implemented.

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