Leading a business through IPO & beyond

Most businesses are looking to grow, scale up and enhance their value, often via an IPO flotation, perhaps with a view to an ultimate exit or a trade sale.

But how do you actually achieve this and get the deal over the line, particularly when markets are disruptive and the economy is challenging?

And how do you avoid the pitfalls which can result in flotation going badly wrong?

Case Study Contributor

Frank Lewis is an entrepreneur, independent Chairman and turnaround expert with over 25 years’ experience of navigating both listed and unlisted businesses through periods of substantial growth and change.

His experience has spanned every stage of the business lifecycle, from start up, flotation, maturity, and in some cases even delisting and exit.

He has a rare combination of strong operational leadership experience combined with the independence and strategic oversight capabilities which make him effective as a non-executive director. As well as having substantial international experience across Europe, China, Africa and the Middle East, he also successfully manages a portfolio of NED roles across multiple business sectors.

His expertise is widely recognised and has previously served as advisor to the London Stock Exchange as a member of the AIM advisory council and often features in national media.

We covered a range of topics including:

  • How can businesses achieve substantial growth in a disruptive market ?
  • Whether & when to float or not ?
  • Short, medium, long term – the pros/cons of different scenarios
  • How to enhance shareholder / stock value ?
  • What are the pitfalls which can result in a failed flotation and how to avoid them ?
  • What are the corporate governance, risk mitigation and due diligence requirements ?
  • How do you go about assembling an effective Board of Execs & NEDs ?
  • What are the key skills of a successful Non-Executive and Chairman ?
  • Examples of leading ailing businesses through turnaround and learnings gained

Whether you are involved with listed or delisted businesses, and whether or not you are looking to float, Frank’s wisdom and insights, as an entrepreneur, businessman and chairman were hugely insightful, beneficial, thought provoking and significantly valuable for any leaders.

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