Kay Chouhan talks with Craig McCoy, Interim HR Director on the future of hr

The topics we touched upon in our discussions … 5.00m – Is there a specific skill set that interim HR Directors need/have – that traditional long term appointees don’t tend to get exposure to? 6m 45s – Secrets to combining the commercial and people aspect of the business? 7m 30s – Can you give any insights into specific industries – HR practices that have worked for you? 8m 45s – Future of HR – Where do you see the function sitting in 5years time? 10m 48s – What’s going to be the most disruptive force in HR this year? 12m – How will digital technology impact the future of HR? 13m 05s – We part of HR/recruitment do you see a skills shortage? 14m 50s – What sort of issue’s, have kept you up at night? 15m 48s – What is your favourite business tool/resource?

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