The good, bad & ugly of how this board took a traditional company kicking and screaming into the new age

CORPORATE HOST Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR)

Since the dawn of the Industrial Age we have seen the advent of new technology bringing systemic changes to every aspect of the way businesses operate.

Successful businesses have been those which have embraced change by automating processes not just to generate business efficiency but to improve customer experience; and in many cases enhance our quality of life.

Every business sector has been impacted by the relentless onslaught of technology; however the transportation sector has experienced this perhaps more than most. In the Victorian age, who would have imagined that you could step on a plane in Perth, Australia and step off in London just 17 hours later after a non-stop flight? And the idea that you could travel by train from London to Paris through a tunnel under the English Channel was the stuff of dreams!

Nowadays, few organisations are more in the public eye than our train services, and disruption to rail services are not just a minor inconvenience…. they can have a dramatic affect on people’s lives as well as their careers. However, our Boardroom will focus on the challenge of leading process automation across all business sectors and is not limited to the specific context of the transportation sector.

OUR CASE STUDY CONTRIBUTORS Many organisations face significant challenges when transforming their businesses through process automation, but the GTR story would test the mettle of any leadership team.

Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) is the biggest rail operator in the UK, providing 900,000 passenger journeys per day via 4 major services including Southern, which has been the subject of the bitterest and longest running industrial dispute in the last 30 years in the UK.

The dispute has led to serious consequence; some people have lost their jobs, declined job opportunities, and even seen the value of their home fall significantly.

On 26th March 2018 GTR ran the first passenger train in automated driving mode on the UK’s mainline rail network, which sets the scene for thousands of partly automated journeys in years to come.

As of May 2019 trains running through central London’s Thameslink route will be on an Automatic Train Operation (ATO) system.

One major benefit of automation in the rail transportation sector will see rail operators carry more commuters, instead of 14 trains per hour travelling through central London we will see 24 per hour by December 2019.

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