November 2016 Exec-summary notes: How CHROs can provide more value & support to their CEO with regard to executive hiring

Here we examined some of the strategies organisations are using to reduce the risk involved in senior executive hires by homing in on the best talent in the market.

As the recent problems at both VW and Tesco highlight, the impact of poor boardroom hires can be dramatic.

There’s no escaping that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to …

  • Identify and assess how talented senior executive hires really are.
  • Is it still worthwhile using traditional interview methods? that have proven to be highly unreliable, and executive search is expensive and often limited in its reach.
  • And what about sourcing candidates directly? LinkedIn and other social media may seem attractive, there’s just too much ‘white noise’ and self-promotion that it’s difficult to know who can and can’t deliver at executive level.

These are just of the issues we addressed, as well as looking at the frustrations of governance, compliance, diversity and other process considerations

Case study contributors
Mike Ellwood of Santander, MD of Commercial and Corporate Lending, and Alistair Brown CEO at Lombard Risk.

Both shared their views about how HR and Recruitment can add more value in an organization, and what support they look for from their HR & Recruitment Directors.

Corporate host Lombard Risk

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