Employer Branding – going beyond the hype & turning your business into a talent magnet

Agenda; Employer Branding – going beyond the hype and turning your business into a talent magnet.

Does the reality of working for you live up to the marketing hype ?
What really differentiates you from your competitors ?
Do you communicate a clear message about why people should join and stay with your organisation ?

In this session both Annabel Sweet & Kay Chouhan shared their own experiences of developing a powerful EVP and making sure that it is embedded and reinforced in every aspect of the employee experience

Many HR & Recruitment leaders are tasked with driving significant improvements to recruitment and retention processes, reducing time to hire, avoiding backlogs of unfilled vacancies and high churn rates.

However, the solutions to these issues go much deeper than pure process improvement. At the heart of an effective recruitment strategy is a compelling employer brand which excites people about the prospect of working for you.

But to retain employees and avoid unwanted attrition, it’s critical that your employees feel that the experience of working with you lives up to the promises made when they were hired…. Some industries face particular challenges which make it even more imperative to stand out from the crowd…

Examples include:
– National or international skills shortages
– Economic or legal constraints which limit pay and rewards
– Proliferation of competitors with similar products and propositions
– Unknown or unpopular brands
– Reputational issues

Getting it right on a sustained basis is often tricky, but if you really want to hire and retain the best talent it’s critical that you invest time in developing your EVP and work through your leadership at all levels to make it real for your people.

As part of this highly interactive session, Annabel Sweet & Kay Chouhan shared their experiences both at the strategic and highly practical level and encourage all of us to contribute and share our own experiences to create a genuine and productive learning environment.

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