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Most HR & Recruitment technology transformation projects fail.

But how to avoid such costly mistakes? clearly, digital transformation has to happen, but the cost and implications of getting it wrong are huge!

Many business leaders are tasked with introducing new system platforms, often with the stated purpose of increasing efficiency of people related processes or even to save costs and reduce headcount.

However, using technology in smart ways can significantly enhance the effectiveness of the HR/Recruitment team, removing the need for routine transactions and empowering the team to add more value to the business.

Getting it right is often tricky, and many systems implementations fail due to problems in adoption and deployment, and as a result, the business benefits fail to be realised.

So how can we avoid falling into this trap?

Case Study Contributors

Two highly experienced senior HR practitioners, both will share the (sometimes painful!) lessons learned through the process, along the way and draw from their experiences both at the strategy and highly practical level.

Louise Aries a highly experienced senior HR change leader. Louise has helped many blue chip organisations (including Astra Zeneca, Aviva, Informa) to transform their HR delivery model, including new systems and platforms.

And Julie Cormack, Global Director of HR for CPA Global, a world leading IP management & technology business headquartered in Jersey. To date, Julie has to lead a wide range of projects which have achieved significant process improvements in businesses such as CPA Global, BP, SAP Miller and Maersk.

Amongst the inactive session both will share experiences of leading projects; from the creation of the business case for a new platform, though to process redesign, systems configuration, International implementation, managing legacy data, governance and the impact on the HR/recruitment teams – and perhaps most importantly, leading the change management required to ensure success of the business.

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