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Our Inner-Circle-Boardrooms forum has been working and observing board execs for a number of years

During this time have seen a dramatic shift in the role and expectation of the HR people/function

In the video below Craig McCoy (seasoned HR change director) highlights the issues and problems businesses face

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Recognising the need in the market for this kind of development, we have designed a (global) team effectiveness HR development workshops which will equip HR with the skills and capability needed to be effective at both a strategic and tactical level.

Leadership For Organisational Excellence

Sharpen HR Commercial Skills
Increase HR Service Skills
Broader HR Thinking
Global/HR Team Effectiveness
Create High Performing Teams

What makes this programme unique ?

Whilst there are many development programmes on the market which focus on generic leadership skills, there are few programmes which are designed for HR Directors and senior HR professionals specifically and even fewer which are delivered by experienced and successful HR Directors who have the battle scars to prove it!

Organisational and individual outputs

  • Clearly defined action plan for achieving leadership excellence and driving change across the organisation.
  • Clarity around the development needs of individuals and the organisation and how to move forward.
  • Epiphany light bulb moments & confidence to make decisions.
  • Create a robust process of management through identifying accountability and ensuring organisation alignment.

Who should attend

The programme is aimed at current and aspiring HR Directors who need to lead organisational change across their business. Following the taster, the full programme includes a number of live events, coaching and mentoring from leading HR Directors and leadership development consultants. 

What will be covered

Our Organisational Excellence framework covers 6 broad areas (the 6 ‘Ps’):

Planning – Translating the Corporate Vision into ‘Mission’ and ‘Values’ to formulate a compelling People Strategy which provides an anchor for all of your HR initiative

Positions – Organisational planning, identifying the skills and positions needed to deliver the transformation and restructuring plan across the organisation in support of business goals

People – Assessing current people skill sets to create development plans for existing employees and create manpower planning, talent and succession plans to fill gaps.

Process – Ensuring that departments work together on an end to end basis and that HR process, policies and systems are up to date and fit for purpose

Performetrics – Setting targets and KPIs to ensure 100% alignment of each department to the corporate vision and mission and adapt performance management processes as needed.

Passion – Identify cultural change strategies and provide the leadership, business partnering and interpersonal  skills to drive through the plans across all levels of the organisation.

Hear about the pillars of content we cover in workshop – video link below

Who is running the programme

Craig McCoy is a highly experienced Interim Senior HR Director with over 35 years’ experience. Craig has served as HR Director for 15 organisations, either in a permanent or interim capacity, across a range of industries including multiple blue-chip brands: BSKYB, BT, Aegis Media, JT Group, Bupa, The Crown Estate, Metropolitan amongst others. 

Craig McCoy
David Feldman

David Feldman is a seasoned expert in the field of designing and delivering commercial leadership development programmes for businesses across a range of sectors (tech, digital, media..) and has previously served in a range of senior Board positions including Equifax PLC and Fujitsu.

Kay Chouhan is a trusted advisor to ambitious board execs who aspire to expand and growth. Kay founded ATGlobe Research & The Inner-Circle-Boardrooms back in 2016, which she regularly chairs and facilitates for CXOs (Chairs, CEOs, COOs… ) covering a range of complex business issues. Kay has led the way to support leaders with the tools and guidance to remain relevant and successful both in their business and career.

Kay Chouhan

I really enjoyed the workshop and it really highlighted areas that our company needs to improve on. I have a lot of work cut out for me!

Group HR Director Wilton Group

I thought the content was very good. The session reminded me of a few things I need to action and has given me a different framework to consider for the people strategy, which is helpful.

HR Director RateSetters

Excellent framework, which I’ve not come across during my 20 years service as HRD. Clearly a very well thought through program. Impressed with the quality of content and delivery.

HR Director HeSimm

Still not convinced ? check out our C-Suite boardrooms

The Practical Details

Half or full day workshop where we aim for all attendees to get serious learnings.

The full programme, if adopted, will be bespoke for each individual/company. For most it will include a blend of a long term structured programme.

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